OurSQL Episode 135: Another Kind of Buffer

This week, we explain the InnoDB and Memcached integration in MySQL 5.6. Ear Candy is about the nonexistent 2-step deadlock detection in MariaDB and At the Movies is Colin Charles talking about the features of MariaDB 10.

InnoDB and memcached in MySQL 5.6
memcached official page
InnoDB integration with memcached MySQL manual page
History of the term NoSQL
setting up the InnoDB memcached plugin in MySQL 5.6

Installing the plugin:
INSTALL PLUGIN daemon_memcached SONAME "libmemcached.so";

verifying the installation

memcached new commands
Troubleshooting the InnoDB memcached Plugin

innodb_api_enable_binlog option

InnoDB memcached security, including SASL
writing applications for the InnoDB memcached plugin
Architecture of InnoDB and memcached Integration
Internals of the InnoDB memcached Plugin

InnoDB limits, including index limits

memcached tutorial caching story

Ear Candy
Bug about 2-step deadlock detection in MariaDB

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Colin Charles of MariaDB giving a presentation at last month's Northeast LinuxFest about Introduction to MariaDB 10 and what Monty Program has achieved"

Where you can see us
Gerry will present a tutorial during the Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo from Monday, April 22 through Thursday April 25th. The tutorial is on Using TokuDB: A Guided Walk Through TokuDB Implementation. Many of the concepts apply to custom MySQL / MariaDB installations as well.

Gerry will also present at the MySQL Database and Cloud Solutions Day, organized by SkySQL, on Friday April 25th about Delivering MySQL and MariaDB Performance at Scale with TokuDB, right after Percona Live and at the same venue.

Gerry will be talking about monitoring in smaller installations, Poor Man's Monitoring for Linux at LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, Washington Saturday April 26th.

Gerry will be at the May Seattle MySQL Meetup on Monday May 6th at the surf incubator where we're going to attend a show and tell session showing some easy to use monitoring tools for MySQL that are adequate for smaller installation or implement some quick and easy instrumentation.

Sheeri will be at the May Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday May 13th at MIT, where we will learn about VoltDB.

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