OurSQL Episode 114: Do You Make the Grade (part 3)?

This week we continue part 3 of the Operations Report Card and how it relates to database administration. This week we talk about the section on "Operational Practices", and it covers how operations are run. In Ear Candy we present different tools for finding a machine's external IP address, and in At the Movies we present a video about MySQL Security from when Sheeri was touring Latin America in July.

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Operations Report Card
Episode 111, part 1 of the Operations Report card
Episode 112, part 2 of the Operations Report card

This week we tackle the third section, "Operational Practices".

DevOps as defined by Wikipedia

episode 49 where we talk about the PalominoDB Nagios Plugin
Monitoring solutions in episode 74 and 75
Interview with Rohit of Monyog in episode 97

Episode 101 and episode 102 where we talked about Virtualization, and also an At the Movies (in episode 101) about the MySQL Sandbox.

Why it's called a "canary process" when you make changes to some machines first, then more, then all - Wikipedia's article on animal sentinels

Ear Candy
Finding what public IP you are on - Many people use a web-based service like What's My IP, just to find out what their public IP is, if they're on a shared network. At times it's useful to find out what IP a server is using, though, and not all servers have web browsers on them.

http://ifconfig.me/ is useful, and you can use it with curl or wget:
curl ifconfig.me/ or curl ifconfig.me/ip

http://ip.cow.org/ for the IP and nothing but the IP
http://ip.cow.org/s for a ip= or shell output
http://ip.cow.org/x for XML output
http://ip.cow.org/j for JSON output

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies, we present a video about MySQL Security. This video was taken during the Oracle Technology Network Latin America North Tour, by the Universidad Galileo's media lab in Guatemala City, Guatemala. There were translators working real-time to translate my talk into Spanish, so Sheeri speaks more slowly than usual. Also, check out her braids!

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the November Boston MySQL User Group on Monday November 12th from 7-9 pm, which features a talk from ScaleArc about their MySQL scaling and transparent sharding solution.

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