OurSQL Episode 110: The Key to 5.6

This week we present the MySQL Connect Keynote: Community Perspective—Why Upgrade to MySQL 5.6. This is the entire keynote panel, featuring Sarah Novotny of Meteor Entertainment as the moderator, and panelists Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent, Domas Mituzas of Facebook, Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Mark Leith of Oracle. We discussed the main features we thought would be useful to us as well as the community.

We appreciate all the folks who saw us at MySQL Connect, said hi and that they listen to the podcast. Your positive comments are heart warming to us and encourage us to keep trying hard to make an awesome podcast.

Oracle announces MySQL 5.6.7, the first release candidate for MySQL 5.6

Ear Candy
We talk about how the DMR releases are release-candidate quality, and how MySQL Labs are similar to the alpha/beta quality releases we are used to.

Where you can see us
Gerry will be doing a webcast on "Tokutek 6.5 Optimized for Flash" on Oct 10th where he will be presenting TokuDB's new release.

The November Seattle meetup will be held on Nov 5th at Pyramid Alehouse and will be a "get together and chat event", it's your opportunity to bring up what you'd like to talk about over the next 12 months and other issues around the organization of the Meetup.

Sheeri will be at CodeConnexx in Indianapolis November 8-9th speaking about "MySQL Query Optimization with EXPLAIN" and "The Art of Cat Herding: How to Manage Geeks".

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