OurSQL Episode 109: Starting with the right foot

This week we talk about startup scripts and their gotchas. Ear candy is a startup cache gotcha and at the movies presents an introduction to VoltDB.


Percona Live Santa Clara, 2013 call for papers closes Friday October 12th.

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
near Paris, Tuesday 16 October
Scale with MySQL Seminar, London, Tuesday 30 October
Bucharest Romania, Tuesday 13 November
Madrid, Tuesday 27 November

Call for papers for SCALE13, open until December 10th, 2012.
Percona Live, London Dec 3- Tues Dec 4. Millenium Gloucester Hotel.

SkySQL Trainings

Oracle's MySQL Trainings

Percona Tranings

startup scripts
MySQL Server and Startup programs
bug about defaults-file-extra "unknown variable 'defaults-file=...'"
Option file Options
Using option files


Bug about group vs. group_concat_max_len

Podcast episode 36 - defaults we use, part 1
Podcast episode 37 - defaults we use, part 2

custom directives in MySQL config files posted by Giuseppe Maxia


Linux Containers for virtual machines
Introductory article for LXC
How to create LXC system containers to isolate services


learning upstart
Cookbook/best practices for upstart

Ear Candy
innodb_buffer_pool_restore_at_startup variable
the gotcha

At the Movies
An Elephant, an Ant Colony and a Ferret Walk into a Database...

Where You Can See Us
Sheeri will be at CodeConnexx in Indianapolis November 8-9th speaking about "MySQL Query Optimization with EXPLAIN" and "The Art of Cat Herding: How to Manage Geeks".

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