OurSQL Episode 108: Legendary Searches

This week we present the Sphinx Storage Engine. Ear Candy is a gotcha about setting variables in the configuration file, and At the Movies is a video about MariaDB.

MySQL Connect will be held in San Francisco on Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th. The schedule is now online.

Percona Live: New York City 2012 will be held from Monday, Oct 1st through Tuesday Oct 2nd.

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
near Paris, Tuesday 16 October
Scale with MySQL Seminar, London, Tuesday 30 October
Bucharest Romania, Tuesday 13 November
Madrid, Tuesday 27 November

Call for papers for SCALE13, open until December 10th, 2012.

SkySQL Trainings
Oracle's MySQL Trainings
Percona Trainings

Fulltext Searching with Sphinx
This is the third podcast in our series on FULLTEXT search:
OurSQL Episode 105, FULLTEXT search basics
OurSQL Episode 106, FULLTEXT search in InnoDB

Sphinx documentation

A sphinx

Andrew Aksyonoff, initial author and benevolant dictator of Sphinx.

Installing Sphinx on Windows
Installing Sphinx on Linux

Sphinx in MariaDB (no need to compile)

Using Sphinx including the CREATE TABLE statement for the storage engine.

sorting modes

ranking function

distributed searching

Real-time vs. disk indexes

Ear Candy
Looking at SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES, some variables are set to ON or OFF. However, if you set the variables to ON or OFF in the configuration file, MySQL silently converts the string to a number (0) - which is not a problem for the "OFF" value, but is a problem for the "ON" value. You must use 0 or 1 to set the variables. Bug 55290 covers this - it should be fixed in MySQL 5.6.

At the Movies
This week we present Why MariaDB? at the SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day back in April. SkySQL's Kaj Arnö chairs this discussion with Colin Charles, Rasmus Johansson and Sergei Golubchik of Monty Program; where they talk about MariaDB, and why it makes sense to move from the MySQL database to MariaDB in your production environment.

Where you can see us

Sheeri will speak about monitoring MySQL at NagiosWorld, September 25-28th in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Gerry will be at MySQL Connect, Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th staffing the Tokutek booth. Sheeri will speak about Database Scaling at Mozilla and Google-Hacking MySQL.

Sheeri will be at the October Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday October 8th at 7 pm, where we'll have a talk by Ori Herrnstadt from Akiban talking about "Renormalize: The Sequel to SQL".

The October Seattle MySQL meetup has been cancelled while we complete the 'reboot'. So far the suggested venue is Pyramid Alehouse across the street from the stadiums, if anyone in the audience lives in Seattle wants to suggest an alternative, pls feel free to leave your suggestion through any of the podcast's feedback mechanisms or on the Meetup board. The next meetup will be held on Nov 5th.

Sheeri will be at CodeConnexx in Indianapolis November 8-9th speaking about "MySQL Query Optimization with EXPLAIN" and "The Art of Cat Herding: How to Manage Geeks".

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