OurSQL Episode 107: Staying concurrent

This week we present what Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) means, as well as how InnoDB implements it to achieve transactionality and ACID compliance. Ear candy is a GROUP BY performance gotcha, and At the Movies is a FULLTEXT webinar from Percona.

MySQL Connect will be held in San Francisco on Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th. The schedule is now online.

Percona Live: New York City 2012 will be held from Monday, Oct 1st through Tuesday Oct 2nd.

The call for papers is open for Confoo, a developer conference at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal from Feb 27 to Mar 1 2013. Presentations can be done in English or French. The call for papers is open until Sunday September 23rd.

SkySQL Trainings

Oracle's MySQL Trainings

Percona Tranings


Multiversion concurrency control on wikipedia

OurSQL Episode 3, talking about what ACID compliance means

How subversion does MVCC

InnoDB Multi-Versioning

High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition

Ear Candy
Percona's FULLTEXT webinar (free registration required)

Where you can see us

Sheeri will speak about monitoring MySQL at NagiosWorld, September 25-28th in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Gerry will be at MySQL Connect, Saturday Sept 29th and Sunday September 30th.
Sheeri will speak about Database Scaling at Mozilla and Google-Hacking MySQL

Sheeri will be at the October Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday October 8th at 7 pm, where we'll have a talk by Ori Herrnstadt from Akiban talking about "Renormalize: The Sequel to SQL".

Oct Seattle MySQL group still in the process of 'rebooting', the most important issue being considered is the venue, if anyone in the audience lives in Seattle and has a suggestion, pls feel free to leave your suggestion through any of the podcast's feedback mechanisms. (Oct 1st - http://www.meetup.com/seattlemysql/)

Sheeri will be at CodeConnexx in Indianapolis November 8-9th speaking about "MySQL Query Optimization with EXPLAIN" and "The Art of Cat Herding: How to Manage Geeks".

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