OurSQL Episode 103: Making a Connection, part 1

This week, we talk about the MySQL Connect format, and present our "Guide to MySQL Connect for Developers" and the few tech talks we think both DBAs and developers will find useful. In Ear Candy, we talk about how InnoDB stores the binary log position of the last successfully executed statement in its recovery logs. In At the Movies, we highlight Andrew Aksyonoff's talk on Sphinx at SkySQL's MySQL solutions day last April.

FrOSCon will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 25th - 26th at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Germany. Registration is a small fee for personal attendees, only 5 euros. It is more for corporate attendees. There will be a MySQL and friends room this year, as in years past.

MySQL Connect will be held in San Francisco on Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th. This is a technical conference about MySQL, bringing together MySQL engineers at Oracle and the MySQL Community, and will include sessions about the latest MySQL features and roadmaps. The schedule is now online.

Percona Live: New York City 2012 will be held from Monday, Oct 1st through Tuesday Oct 2nd.

SkySQL Trainings

Percona Tranings

Oracle's MySQL Trainings

MySQL Connect
MySQL Connect
Schedule of events
MySQL Connect Content Committee
list of MySQL Connect sessions, hands-on labs, and birds of a feather talks

Ear Candy
InnoDB stores the coordinates for the last executed statement in the binary logs in its own recovery logs.
bug 34058 talks extensively about this feature and will give you a more precise insight on how this feature works, and how it does not work.
Peter Zaitsev reported this in his blog and reports having a patch for it.

At the Movies
Introduction to Sphinx for MySQL/MariaDB by Andrew Aksyonoff' at SkySQL's MySQL solutions day last April.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the September Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday September 10th at 7 pm, where Max Mether of SkySQL will talk about "MariaDB - a MySQL replacement?"

Sheeri will speak about monitoring MySQL at NagiosWorld, September 25-28th in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Sheeri will speak about Database Scaling at Mozilla and Google-Hacking MySQL at MySQL Connect, Saturday Sept 29th and Sunday September 30th. Gerry will also be there with Tokutek.

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