OurSQL Episode 1: Backups, Backups Everywhere

We have done a series of podcasts on backups that cover the topic much more thoroughly:
Backup Series #1: Backup Glossary
Backup Series #2: Backup Tools You Already Have (mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump)
Backup Series #3: Looking Through the Lenz (snapshots including LVM)
Backup Series #4: Advanced Logical Export Features (advanced mysqldump)
Backup Series #5: Xtrabackup
Backup Series #6: Zmanda


Well, it’s later than I’d wanted, but it’s here! Be sure to download it right away, as the news is time-sensitive (the rest of the segments are relatively timeless).

The feature of this podcast is “Backups, Backups Everywhere”. The show notes can be seen at:

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