OSCon 2008 Video: Privacy and Safety

Christine Peterson of Foresight Nanotech Institute asks, "Open Source Physical Security: Can We Have Both Privacy and Safety?" In this OSCon 2008 keynote, Peterson shows how increased security does not have to require loss of privacy. She introduces the concept (quote taken from that official conference description) of:

citizen-controlled, privacy-oriented, verifiably limited open source security devices and procedures focused on obtaining and sharing the minimal data required for communities to satisfy the reasonable concerns of their neighbors regarding the possible presence of specific weapons able to affect them directly.

The goal is to use decentralized, open source approaches to address legitimate security concerns without impacting personal privacy in other areas. The project does not require government participation.

Stream directly online at http://technocation.org/node/604/play or download the 176 Mb .wmv file at http://technocation.org/node/604/download.