OpenSQLCamp Boston seeking donations

If you are not familiar with OpenSQLCamp, here's a description from the home page at

OpenSQL Camp is open to all – sessions have included PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL (and storage engines and forks thereof), Drizzle (and tools such as Google Proto Buffers), DBIx::Cache, Gearman, cloud computing, Unix tips, query optimization, Apache Derby, BlackRay, Continuent Tungsten, DB Clustering, Firebird, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Firewater, how to version schemas, Waffle Grid / Storm Cloud, databases on SSDs, and even "soft" topics like the Open Database Alliance.

Along with Bradley Kuszmaul, I am planning OpenSQLCamp Boston from October 16-17th at MIT. I am currently looking at restaurants and catering options for food -- there are some really amazing places in the area that do vegan food that is also appealing to omnivores like myself! To that end, we are still seeking donations to cover the cost of OpenSQLCamp. As a reminder here are the OpenSQLCamp's sponsorship guidelines, also listed on the sponsor page:

To make this event free for attendees, we need sponsors. However, sponsorship is balanced with one of the key ideas of the conference: it is of, by, and for the community. To that end, we treat all sponsors equally:

* No "levels" of sponsorship -- everyone gets the same amount of credit
* The only requirement to be listed as a sponsor is a $250 minimum value contribution for organizations or businesses. To be listed as an individual sponsor, please contribute at least $100.
* Sponsors get their logo and link on the wiki, and logo on an easel at the entrance.
* We'll introduce you or a representative on the first day of the Camp, and give you 15-30 seconds to explain to the crowd who you are and what you do. We will have a table for handouts and giveaways.

Note that anybody can donate any amount, but if you want to have your logo or name shown, it's $100 for a person and $250 for a business.

No matter which option you use, please enclose a note that states it is for opensqlcamp. (there is a link marked "enter your address for a tax receipt" where you can put this note in on PayPal, or you can e-mail to let us know it is coming).

To donate, send a check or money order in US funds to:
Technocation, Inc.
PO Box 380221
Cambridge, MA 02138

or donate online via PayPal (to

For folks to get a sense of costs, if there are 100 people for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the costs would be:

$200 for breakfasts
$700 for lunches/dinners

So if your company needs a number, $500 is "almost" a lunch/dinner and $1000 is "more than" a lunch/dinner. Reply to me ( or e-mail if you need an invoice or have any questions about donations. Technocation is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in the US and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We encourage companies to offer scholarships to other attendees who need to have their travel and hotel costs subsidized.

We are working on a swag item as well, but we want to make sure we have secured enough funds for food first, of course.

We will soon open up the call for papers, look for that coming later this week.

Please forward far and wide!