MySQL 5.0 binaries

NOTE: This page is likely outdated. Updated MySQL 5.0+ software is available at:

This page lists links to MySQL 5.0 binaries. If you have a MySQL binary you would like listed here, please contact -- if you would like, we will also provide free hosting for the binary if you prefer to minimize your bandwidth.

The official MySQL enterprise binaries are only available via a MySQL contract -- see for price, product and service comparisons. All contracts include support.

We believe that MySQL will alternate versions and release numbers (much like the Linux Kernel) odd being community, even being enterprise. Enterprise and Community versions are the same, up to MySQL 5.0.33, the first separate version.

MySQL's official repository, contains the official binaries (note that 5.0.33 has no official binaries):

MySQL 5.0.33 (Community)

Webyog, creators of SQLyog, has compiled and made available the 5.0.33 Enterprise MySQL server for Windows (a .exe installer packaged in a zip file)

Scott of has Community binaries for Windows, CentOS/RHEL4, and generic glibc23 RPM's

Blastwave ( ) provides builds for lots of open source software. Alex Moore is the build maintainer for MySQL.

Use pkg-get to install the packages, with
pkg-get install softwarename Download pkg-get at

The MySQL 5 packages are described at the following URLs. The last part of the URL can be used in pkg-get, for example
pkg-get install CSWmysql5

From, x86_84 binaries:

Server: 14M

Max 3.3M

Microslow 2.6M

Client 4.9M

Shared libraries 1.7M

Headers and libraries 7.3M

Debug information 25M

Also Linux (AMD64 / Intel EM64T) binaries in tar.gz archive 35M The archive contains both mysqld and mysqld-microslow binaries.MySQL 5.0.27

vid of has some "for development and testing only" binaries (5.0.27). His disclaimer is:

"Disclaimer: If you download and install these RPMs and your cat dies, it’s not my fault. Same goes for your dog/fish/iguana/server/data."

MySQL 5.1
Official MySQL binaries:

Official MySQL source:

Marc Liyanage has a perl script to build MySQL on Mac OS X from source:

MySQL 5.0.32

Debian packages: