Fantastic VoltDB presentation (video and slides available) by Tim Callaghan at the Boston MySQL User Group

Special thanks to Tim Callaghan for giving a fantastic presentation of VoltDB at Monday's Boston MySQL User Group meeting. Even though the title was "for SQL developers" there was a lot of content for DBAs as well (how backups are done, what the data and server-level architecture is, etc). It was an EXCELLENT presentation on how VoltDB works, and what applications it is and is not appropriate for. The video is almost 2 hours long; there's a LOT of excellent information in it.

The slides can be downloaded (PPT format) from:

Here's the original description:

This meetup's topic is "VoltDB as an SQL Developer", presented by Tim Callaghan of VoltDB.

- Overview of VoltDB
- Comparing and contrasting with traditional OLTP databases
- Migration and Development
- Q+A

About Tim Callaghan
Tim spent the 90's learning Oracle at Investors Bank & Trust and the 00's crafting a massive Oracle based SaaS application at CrunchTime! ( Along the way he has dabbled in other databases (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL) and too many programming languages to list. Tim joined VoltDB as Field Engineer/Community Advocate in September 2009.

The video is online at:

Or watch it directly below: