Server Tuning

OurSQL Episode 206: Pieces of Fabric

In this episode we discuss sharding and high availability with MySQL Fabric, including installation and configuration. Ear Candy is rolling out GTIDs with no restarting, and At the Movies is putting MySQL Fabric to use, including a live demo.

OurSQL Episode 203: Scaling by Proxy Part 2

In this episode we finish our series on MaxScale. Ear candy is about using MySQL and Galera for geographic replication, and at the Movies uses MySQL to build big data applications.

OurSQL Episode 199: Make It Fast

This week, we discuss common MySQL performance tips.

OurSQL Episode 194: Common Schema, part 4

This week we continue our series on Common Schema and talk about different ways to look at the processlist, help with the query profiler, and some internal Common Schema tables. Ear Candy is about RHEL 7.0 using MariaDB, and At the Movies is The Human Postmortem.

OurSQL Episode 193: Common Schema, part 3

This week we continue our discussion about Common Schema by talking about security views and schema analysis views. Ear Candy is that apt repositories for MySQL are available, and At the Movies is about copyright vs. civil liberties.

OurSQL Episode 180: Sharing the Load

This week we talk to Justin Swanhart about Shard-Query, a massively parallel processing query engine for MySQL. Ear candy is about mydumper, and At the Movies is "Common Deadly MySQL Development Mistakes."

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OurSQL Episode 172: A New Proxy

This week, we talk with Ivan Zoratti of SkySQL about MaxScale, a new MySQL proxy. Ear Candy is about accidentally removing a dependent package, and At the Movies is a DB Hangops recording of MaxScale, replication saturation and monitoring.

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OurSQL Episode 166: Top Hat Options

This week we discuss fine-tuning Galera Cluster. In this week's ear candy we talk about recent changes to mysqldump and locking; At the Movies presents "Using Amazon Web Services for MySQL at Scale".

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OurSQL Episode 165: Top Hat Cluster

This week we talk about how to install and set up Galera Cluster. Ear Candy talks about the new MySQL repos from Oracle and what to know about using them; At the Movies is Michael Stonebreaker talking about how to process today's big data transactional processing needs.

Galera Cluster
Codership documentation of Galera Cluster
Installing Percona XtraDB Cluster on Ubuntu documentation
MariaDB's Galera Cluster documentation

OurSQL Episode 145: Biblical Tools, part 3

This week we finish up talking about the Openark Kit for MySQL. Ear Candy is using both --master-data and --tab with mysqldump, and At the Movies features Robert Hodges of Continuent presenting Scalable MySQL Operation in the Cloud with Continuent Tungsten.

Openark Kit series:
Part 1
Part 2

Openark Kit


PURGE BINARY LOGS at the MySQL manual page.