OurSQL Episode 144: Biblical Tools, part 2

22:13 minutes (10.33 MB)

This week we continue talking about the Openark Kit. Ear candy is the Percona Configuration Wizard, and At the Movies is a keynote from the SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day about the SkySQL and MariaDB merger and the MariaDB Foundation.

Openark Kit series:
Part 1
Part 3

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OurSQL Episode 136: Digging for Information

39:41 minutes (18.8 MB)

We discuss INFORMATION_SCHEMA with plenty of examples on useful queries. In this week's Ear Candy, we talk about resident versus virtual memory on Linux, and in At the Movies has a video about MongoDB.

DB Hangops in May will be Wed May 8th and 22nd noon pacific time.
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OurSQL Episode 119: I Do DECLARE

32:21 minutes (14.96 MB)

This week we talk more about stored routines, including the several different DECLARE statements. Ear Candy is about ssh hacks to make logging into multiple servers easy, and At the Movies is "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Deployment But Were Afraid to Ask".

FOSDEM 2013 is taking place in Brussels, Belgium Sat Feb 2 - Sun Feb 3rd. Call for papers for the MySQL & Friends room closes December 21st.

OurSQL Episode 118: Not Our Usual Routine

40:39 minutes (18.76 MB)

This week we go over stored routine basics. Ear Candy is, online man pages for Linux, and At the Movies is key things that DBA need to know.

Open Source DBA's Holiday Gifts for MySQL DBAs - check out the CafePress link, many are positively funny.

Oracle is having free Tech Tours for MySQL in Dublin, San Diego, El Segundo, CA, Miami

OurSQL Episode 57: Eventual Discovery part 2

36:55 minutes (17.06 MB)

This week we continue our series on events. We talk about events and logging, event timing, privileges and runtime behavior.

Gazzang is using encryptfs for their encryption. According to their launchpad project page at, "eCryptfs is a POSIX-compliant enterprise-class stacked cryptographic filesystem for Linux".

The main topic is the 2nd part of events:

What events log and where the event logs are
How errors show up in the error log
How events and their actions get logged to the binary logs (aka events and replication), including how the "ignore" and "do" replication limitations work with events. Manual page:

OurSQL Episode 56: Eventual Discovery part 1

32:57 minutes (15.24 MB)

This week is all about events - events in MySQL, and calls for papers for 2012 conferences.

Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo call for papers opens soon.

A session matrix for all of the MySQL sessions at Oracle OpenWorld is at

MySQL Community Reception (free, no need to be registered to Oracle OpenWorld) - Tuesday, October 4, 2011 7-9 pm at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Foothill G. RSVP for the *free* MySQL Community Reception.

Video: External Language Stored Procedures

At the 2008 MySQL User Conference and Expo, Eric Herman and Antony Curtis spoke about "External Language Stored Procedures". Download the slides, see people's notes, and more on the MySQL Forge Wiki at