MySQL Proxy Presentation at the September 2007 Boston MySQL User Group

I have finally managed to watch and slightly edit the September 2007 Boston MySQL User Group presentation I did on the MySQL Proxy.

It's geared towards beginners, and has lots of examples, including explaining some of the examples that come bundled with the MySQL Proxy.

Video on YouTube.


Some resources:
Presentation Slides PowerPoint (ppt) or PDF or Flash (swf)

Postgres Extensions Video Presentation at OpenSQL Camp 2008 by Kelly McDonald

Postgres Extensions - Kelly McDonald

Kelly implemented reporting and history-tracking extensions in Postgres. It keeps track of any changes to the system. This has been valuable in letting clients know what happened to their data, where bugs were happening in the system and generally saving our butts. The reporting system takes changes made in a attribute style table structure and arranges them in a standard table type structure for reporting. Kelly will explain why this system was built and how, including limitations of Postgres that had to be accommodated, and an introduction to writin

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding OpenSQLCamp Video

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding - Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona

This session discusses how to use replication and sharding to scale your systems very large.