OurSQL Episode 185: Getting in Sync

This week we discuss pt-table-checksum for keeping data in sync. Ear Candy is a rational look at why one company chose MySQL; At the Movies is using MySQL in a practical way for Big Data.


OurSQL Episode 184: Digging Through the Tool Chest

This week we discuss more Percona tools: pt-online-schema-change and pt-slave-find. Ear Candy is using the CONNECT storage engine to read GPX files, and At the Movies is Performance at Scale with TokuDB.

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OurSQL Episode 183: Map Our Way Around

This week we discuss MySQL and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Ear candy is how MVCC in InnoDB relates to undo logging and how you can write better queries based on this information. At the Movies is a demo of GIS.

OurSQL Episode 181: MariaDB Goodies

This week we discuss more features of MariaDB 10. Ear Candy is how to avoid downtime when switching to GTIDs and At the Movies is Managing Hundreds of MySQL Servers Efficiently.

MySQL Community Awards 2014: the Winners

OurSQL Episode 179: MySQL's Materialized Views

This week, we interviewed longtime community member and Percona principal support engineer Justin Swanhart about Flexviews, a tool for Materialized Views in MySQL. Ear Candy is about the EXPLAIN analyzer, and At the Movies is about "Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures and Latest Developments". Flexviews Justin Swanhart's open source tools ABOUT Flexviews - "Flexviews is a unique toolkit for the creation and upkeep of MATERIALIZED VIEWS for MySQL."

OurSQL Episode 177: Artistic License

This week, we sat down with Luis Villa about non-software licenses. Ear Candy is and At the Movies is Sheeri talking about Percona Replication Manager at the Boston MySQL User Group a few years ago.

Non-software Licenses
Luis Villa's Wikipedia page.

Back in episode 146, we talked about the GPL open source license, and its versions and derivatives.

Database directive at Wikipedia. In the EU, you can license a database.

OurSQL Episode 176: Replication Everywhere

This week we talk about replication features in MariaDB 10. Ear Candy is a gotcha about PIVOT tables in MariaDB, and At the Movies is about the viability of transactions. Percona Live DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time Upcoming MySQL events Training SkySQL Trainings Tungsten University trainings

OurSQL Episode 175: Interesting CONNECtions

This week, we talk about the awesome ways to use MariaDB's CONNECT storage engine that go above and beyond merely connecting to remote tables.

MariaDB CONNECT Engine
Episode 174, where we talked about setting up the CONNECT storage engine and some simple examples.

Pivot Tables
MariaDB documentation page about pivot tables with CONNECT

Wikipedia entry about pivot tables

Creating the pivot table example:

OurSQL Episode 174: CONNECT the world

This week we discuss MariaDB's CONNECT storage engine. Ear Candy is inconsistent behavior with dates, NULLs and collations. At the Movies is a talk about the history and future of MySQL and its variants.

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OurSQL Episode 171: Another Round of Toolkit

This week we discuss more tools in the Percona Toolkit - pt-align, pt-fifo-split, pt-diskstats, pt-ioprofile, pt-fk-error-logger, pt-mext and pt-mysql-summary. Ear Candy is why you should load the timezone tables in MySQL and At the Movies is using GTID replication for high availability.

Obscure Percona Tools
We have talked about Percona tools in many episodes:
Episode 76, Episode 77, Episode 79, Episode 80, Episode 81, Episode 85, Episode 90, Episode 116, Episode 127, Episode 133, Episode 155, Episode 158, Episode 167.