OSCon 2008 Video: Language Inflection Point

Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems presents the keynote, "Language Inflection Point". Though Bray makes some good points, there is some awful music that makes some of his presentation hard to hear. He does lower the volume eventually....from the official conference description:

It would be nice to know which programming languages we’re all going to be programming in ten years from now. I really have no more idea than you, but I am paid to worry about this kind of thing. So I’m going to worry out loud about this for fifteen minutes, highlight some trends and influences, and probably leave you with more questions than answers.

OSCon 2008 Video: Revealing Errors

Benjamin Mako Hill of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media gives a keynote presentation on "Advocating Software Freedom by Revealing Errors". One of the bigger benefits of open source is that more people can reveal (and fix!) errors in software.

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OSCon 2008 Video: An Illustrated History of Failure

Paul Fenwick delivers a side-splitting Wednesday night keynote at OSCon 2008 entitled, "An Illustrated History of Failure". He goes through a history of failures, comparing them to the approximate values of human lives that the failures cost. Learn which technological failure costs the equivalent of 1 lifetime per minute.

Resources used in the talk.

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OSCon 2008 Video: Three Social Challenges

Dawn Nafus, an anthropologist at Intel, presents "Three Challenges". In the presentation, she posits that technology can make a large difference in three important social challenges.

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OSCon 2008 Video: Learning From Airports

Jeremy Ruston of BT (British Telecom) Design delivers a short keynote on "Learning From Airports".

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OSCon 2008 Video: Cloud Computing with Persistent Data

Jean-Paul Bauer of KnowledgeTree presents "Cloud Computing with Persistent Data: Pushing the Envelope of Amazon Web Services" at OSCon 2008. From the official conference description:

KnowledgeTreeLive is a novel SaaS document management application built using the Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon’s Simple Storage Service and rPath’s Virtual Appliance technologies. KnowledgeTreeLive leverages the popular open source KnowledgeTree application. The combination of cloud computing, virtual appliances, and other open source technologies allowed for the speedy implementation of the on-demand offering, without requiring significant changes to the KnowledgeTree architecture and in a very cost and resource effective manner.

OSCon 2008 Video: OSCon Anniversaries

This year was the 10th anniversary of OSCon. In light of that, Peter H. Salus gave a keynote of OSCon Anniversaries.

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OSCon 2008 Video: O'Reilly Radar

Tim O'Reilly presents the O'Reilly Radar at OSCon 2008 in Portland, Oregon.

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2008 OSCon Video: Annual Frank Willison Award

The Python Foundation presents the Frank Willison Award annually at OSCON, recognizing outstanding contributions to the Python community. Watch the video of the award given away during OSCon 2008." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="

Video: 2008 Google O'Reilly Open Source Awards at OSCon

Every year, the Google O'Reilly Open Source awards are handed out at OSCon. Check out who won (including a thank-you speech!) in this 13 minute video.

Stream directly online at or download the 193 Mb .wmv file at


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