OurSQL Episode 148: Intellectual Property

This week we interview Noam Kritzer from the law firm of Bakos & Kritzer about copyright, patents and trademarks. Ear Candy is about SUBSTRING_INDEX and At the Movies is Colin Charles presenting a panel on MariaDB.

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Oracle is having a MySQL OTN Virtual Developer Day August 31st.

FrOSCon - Aug 24-25th, 2013 in St. Augustin, Germany.

OurSQL Episode 137: Playing in the Sandbox

This week we talk to Giuseppe Maxia about MySQL Sandbox. Ear Candy is about table_open_cache, Open_tables and Opened_tables, and At the Movies features MariaDB.

MySQL Sandbox
MySQL Sandbox

MariaDB slave of a master:

make sandbox mysql-tarball --master
make sandbox mariadb-tarball --slaveof master-port=foo


./my sqldump instancename

Remote mysql sandbox deploy:

deploy remote sandboxes -m MySQLVer -l list,of,servers

Get MySQL Sandbox on Launchpad

OurSQL Episode 123: Storing Bags of Bytes

This week we discuss different filesystems and how they work. Ear Candy talks about the "-bibyte" suffix, and At the Movies presents an indexing webinar.

FOSDEM 2013 is taking place in Brussels, Belgium Sat Feb 2 - Sun Feb 3rd.

OSCON 2013 will take place in Portland, OR from Monday July 22nd through Friday July 26th. The call for Speakers closes at midnight Pacific Time on Monday, February 4th.

LinuxFest Northwest will take place on Sat Apr 27th and Sun Apr 28th. The call for papers is open and you can submit proposals through Thursday Feb 28th.

OurSQL Episode 122: Nobody's Perfect - 2012 Blooper Retrospective

This podcast would not achieve its goal if there were no listeners to learn about MySQL. This week we play a bunch of bloopers as our year-end gift to you. We hope these make you laugh!

2011 Blooper Retrospective

OurSQL Episode 116: Do You Make the Grade (part 5)?

This week, we finish our series on the Operations Report Card as it applies to database administrators. In Ear Candy, we discuss one problem with setting table_open_cache higher than needed., and At the Movies is Tools and Techniques of Index Design by Bill Karwin.

SHOW EXPLAIN FOR thread_id feature for running an EXPLAIN on a running query, and multi-source replication.

OurSQL Episode 115: Do You Make the Grade (part 4)?

This week, we continue our series going through the Operations Report Card as it applies to database administrators. This week in Ear Candy, we talk about a hidden client value for max_allowed_packet (separate from the session variable). In At the Movies, we present Karen Tegan Padir of Enterprise DB presenting The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
Madrid, Tuesday 27 November

OurSQL Episode 114: Do You Make the Grade (part 3)?

This week we continue part 3 of the Operations Report Card and how it relates to database administration. This week we talk about the section on "Operational Practices", and it covers how operations are run. In Ear Candy we present different tools for finding a machine's external IP address, and in At the Movies we present a video about MySQL Security from when Sheeri was touring Latin America in July.

Webyog's blog noted that the OurSQL blog/podcast was among the Top MySQL Blogs You Should Be Reading. Thanks for your support!

OurSQL Episode 111: Do You Make the Grade (part 1)?

This is part one of a series where we will explore the Operations Report Card and explain how it applies to DBAs. Listen and grade your own organization, this is a great opportunity to get some new ideas on how to organize your department and make your job more efficient and streamlined.

Alaska Airlines system crash

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
Scale with MySQL Seminar, London, Tuesday 30 October

OurSQL Episode 100: The Ball Pit

This week we present part 2 of our interview with XKCD's Randall Munroe, where we finish talking about data privacy and security, and talk about Randall's real-life ball pit in his apartment, and his thoughts on fanny packs.

Defending your Life - romantic comedy movie


Grownups comic:

The ball pit - the blog post with pictures and notes.