OurSQL Episode 204: Just For Laughs

When we went monthly at the end of 2014, did you worry that we would forget our blooper show? This month's podcast is a blooper reel just for you - about 35 minutes of put-a-smile-on-your-face fun with insight as to how things work - or don't work - behind-the-scenes.

I hope your 2015 is going well!

OurSQL Episode 195: Common Schema, part 5

This week we complete our series on Common Schema by talking about QueryScript. Special guest co-host Jon Day of SkySQL joins us. Ear Candy is some MySQL security tips and At the Movies is a humorous look at value chain mapping.

OurSQL Episode 192: Common Schema, part 2

This week we continue our discussion of Common Schema by finishing up the routines and starting to look at the views it offers. Ear Candy is and At The Movies is

In the news, the OurSQL podcast will change to a monthly format after episode 200. We love doing the podcast, but it is very time consuming and production is expensive. We will still bring quality episodes, they will just be spaced further apart.

OurSQL Episode 185: Getting in Sync

This week we discuss pt-table-checksum for keeping data in sync. Ear Candy is a rational look at why one company chose MySQL; At the Movies is using MySQL in a practical way for Big Data.


OurSQL Episode 184: Digging Through the Tool Chest

This week we discuss more Percona tools: pt-online-schema-change and pt-slave-find. Ear Candy is using the CONNECT storage engine to read GPX files, and At the Movies is Performance at Scale with TokuDB.

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OSCon 2014 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon from Sunday July 20th through Thursday July 24th.

The Science and Fiction of Petascale Analytics

At the 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo, the closing keynote was Jacek Becla speaking on The Science and Fiction of Petascale Analysis. See the slides on the O'Reilly Conference Site, and the Official Conference Description

OurSQL Episode 169: Having Fun

This week we present bloopers from the year 2013. We hope you enjoy this non-tech funny show, featuring mistakes and outtakes from us and the folks we have interviewed. Don't miss Tim Callaghan singing our theme song!

OurSQL Episode 168: Autofailover, part 1

This week we discuss setting up Percona Replication Manager. Ear Candy is playing with Unicode to make seasonal pictures and At the Movies is about systems performance with lots of MySQL examples.

DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time

FOSDEM 2014 - Sat February 1 - Sun February 2 in Brussels, Belgium.
Upcoming MySQL events

The call for papers for OSCon 2014 is open until Thursday, January 30th

OurSQL Episode 151: Tooling Around, Part 1

This week we start talking about the Python MySQL Utilities. Ear Candy is a pitfall when importing a mysqldump export and At the Movies is "Deploying MySQL in AWS and OpenStack" by Mark Riddoch of SkySQL.

Part 2 of MySQL Utilities
Part 3 of MySQL Utilities
Part 4 of MySQL Utilities
Part 5 of MySQL Utilities

MySQL Utilities
MySQL Utilities documentation

OurSQL Episode 149: Trolling

This week we continue our interview with Noam Kritzer of Bakos & Kritzer, talking about patent case law and patent trolls. Ear Candy is temporary table ghost files, and At the Movies is Manipulating JSON with MariaDB and MySQL.

defensive vs. offensive patents

Patent trolls

Trademarks and domain names, a resource written for lay people.