OurSQL Episode 48: Percona Live NYC 2011

This week we have feedback from Percona Live in NYC last Thursday. We talk with:

Chander Kant of Zmanda, talking about the fact that Zmanda Backup Recovery now officially supports the Percona patched binary of MySQL.
Barry Leung of who talked about all the stuff he'd learned during the day, including "How to use MySQL and DTrace on Linux" and the new mk-tcp-model.

Patrick Galbraith of BlueGecko talked about his talk, "The Building Blocks of Scaling: Drizzle/MySQL, Memcached, Sphinx, and Gearman", backups, FLUSH ENGINE ____ LOGS, and covering indexes.

OurSQL Episode 45: Hackathon Success! (MySQL -> MongoDB replication)

At MongoDB. In only 2 hours and 45 minutes, a small group of hackers did it! This week I interview Flavio Percoco, the MongoDB guru on the team, who talked about getting replication from MySQL to MongoDB working via last week's podcast).

OurSQL Episode 42: The Buzz about MySQL 5.6

This week we talk about what's new in MySQL 5.6 and the return of We also feature people's reactions to the 5.6 announcement and a special song by Solomon Chang (lyrics below).

Show notes:
If you want to see it for youreslf, there is a video from the O'Reilly Conference of Tomas Ulin's Keynote, "State of the Dolphin".

Olav Sandstå's blog post on index condition pushdown optimization.

OurSQL Episode 34: Collaborating

We talk about the Collaborate conference, including comparisons to the O'Reilly MySQL conference.

Show notes:
Collaborate -
Sunday, April 10th through Thursday, April 14th in Orlando, Florida.
$200 off with code: MYSQ
Pricing can be found at

MySQL Community Dinner East at Maggiano's Little Italy on Sunday, April 10th at 5 pm. RSVP at

OurSQL Episode 32: Backup tools you already have [Backup series #2]

This week we continue our series on backup tools, we talk about the backup tools that ship with MySQL.

Show notes:

Previous backup series podcast:
Backup glossary [Backup series #1]

In the backup glossary we asked if anyone knew how to get logical data out of physical InnoDB files. Mike Hamrick of Blue Gecko wrote in to say that Percona's InnoDB recovery tool helps to do just that. He writes:

"The 'page_parser' tool will read ibdata files or individual .ibd files and turn them into a series of 16k page files suitable for processing with a tool called 'constraints_parser' which spits out a number of tab separated lines of table data suitable for a LOAD DATA INFILE.

OurSQL Episode 28: Conferential Integrity

This week, we talk about the many conferences in the MySQL world - O'Reilly's MySQL Conference, Collaborate and Kaleidoscope

Some feedback from previous podcasts:
Percona *is* releasing a 5.5 version -
Also, the performance schema is persistent (stored on disk) according to Giuseppe Maxia, the Datacharmer.
* Update 1/6/2011 14:17 Eastern time - according to Mark Leith, only the setup_ tables are persistent, so only some of the data makes it to disk and is persistent.

OpenSQLCamp is exactly a month away!

Exactly one month from today, OpenSQLCamp Boston 2010 will begin its technical content (we will have a social event on Friday evening, Oct. 15th, starting no earlier than 6 pm). Have you registered yet? It's 100% free! Make sure to get your flight before next week or the costs will go up, as it is generally more expensive to book a flight within 21 days of your trip. Also do not forget to book your hotel, we have a good rate of $149 per night for single or double here for details.

Submit your presentations for Collaborate 2011!

There are approximately 3 weeks left to submit your MySQL DBA-related presentations to Collaborate 2011, held in Orlando, FL April 10-14. Experience has shown that the best presentations are submitted well in advance of the deadline, so now is a great time to submit while you have plenty of time to create a good abstract.

Information and the link to submit abstracts are at I posted a cheat sheet on how to fill out the Call for Presentations for MySQLers a while ago, and as always feel free to ask me any questions.

OpenSQLCamp Boston seeking donations

If you are not familiar with OpenSQLCamp, here's a description from the home page at

OpenSQL Camp is open to all – sessions have included PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL (and storage engines and forks thereof), Drizzle (and tools such as Google Proto Buffers), DBIx::Cache, Gearman, cloud computing, Unix tips, query optimization, Apache Derby, BlackRay, Continuent Tungsten, DB Clustering, Firebird, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Firewater, how to version schemas, Waffle Grid / Storm Cloud, databases on SSDs, and even "soft" topics like the Open Database Alliance.

OpenSQLCamp Boston hotel information

I am very happy to announce that I have secured a great rate at a hotel for OpenSQLCamp (a free weekend conference for open source databases such as MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and NoSQL databases). We have a room block at the Doubletree Club Hotel Boston Bayside at 24 Mt. Vernon Street in Boston at a rate of $149 per night, for single or double occupancy*, for both Friday night, October 15 and Saturday night, October 16. Wireless internet access, which is usually $9.95 per night, is included in the room fee, so there's no hidden extra there. There is also a free shuttle from Boston's Logan Airport to the hotel**. The subway is steps away from both the hotel and the venue (MIT Stata Center on the corner of Main and Vassar Streets in Cambridge). Subway fare is $2.00 each way, so if you stay at the hotel you'd have $8 extra in transportation fee.

You can reserve your room by booking here. You are responsible for paying for your own room. Some more useful information: