Video: External Language Stored Procedures

At the 2008 MySQL User Conference and Expo, Eric Herman and Antony Curtis spoke about "External Language Stored Procedures". Download the slides, see people's notes, and more on the MySQL Forge Wiki at

Who is the Dick on My Site? 2008 MySQL Conference Keynote

From the official conference description:

Much of the data in a database is about people. Identity 2.0 technologies will lower the friction for people to provide and easily move data about themselves online.

This fast paced keynote will offer a background on Identity 2.0, discuss current roadblocks and future opportunities, and explore the potential impacts these will have on databases.

Jonathan Schwartz's Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference

Jonathan Schwartz's Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference can be played from the embedded video at the bottom of this post or directly at YouTube at

I finally realized who Jonathan Schwartz reminds me of:

That's right, comedian and magician Penn Jillette.

Google Proto Buffers for Managed Messaging

Google Proto Buffers: The Benefits of Managed Messaging by Jay Pipes

This session will reveal how Drizzle is benefiting from replacing a lot of MySQL's custom code with Google's Protocol Buffers. Jay is a developer for the Drizzle project.

Postgres Extensions Video Presentation at OpenSQL Camp 2008 by Kelly McDonald

Postgres Extensions - Kelly McDonald

Kelly implemented reporting and history-tracking extensions in Postgres. It keeps track of any changes to the system. This has been valuable in letting clients know what happened to their data, where bugs were happening in the system and generally saving our butts. The reporting system takes changes made in a attribute style table structure and arranges them in a standard table type structure for reporting. Kelly will explain why this system was built and how, including limitations of Postgres that had to be accommodated, and an introduction to writin

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding OpenSQLCamp Video

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding - Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona

This session discusses how to use replication and sharding to scale your systems very large.

The Magic of MVCC

The Magic of MVCC - Greg Sabino Mullane

Learn how MVCC really works, why it's the best thing since sliced bread for concurrent read/write activity, and why it blows the locking approach out of the water. We'll focus on the way MVCC is implemented in Postgres, but the underlying concepts apply to all MVCC-based databases.

For users and developers.

Greg Sabino Mullane is a noted contributor to Postgres.

OpenSQLCamp 2008 Lightning Talks Video

OpenSQL Camp Lightning Talks. Topics include:

MySQL Sandbox - Giuseppe Maxia (MySQL Community Team)

DBMS talk - Dr. Richard Hipp (SQLite creator)

Libraries for testing purposes - lib"mallocfail", lib"eatmydata", etc - Stewart Smith (MySQL)

How to use LVM to take snapshot backups - Baron Schwartz (Percona)

and more....