OurSQL Episode 188: Back in Sync

This week we discuss pt-table-sync basics. Ear Candy is about how MyISAM can seem transaction-aware, and At the Movies is MySQL and NoSQL at Craigslist.

DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time
Upcoming SkySQL events
Upcoming MySQL events

OurSQL Episode 152: Tooling Around, Part 2

This week we continue our series on the MySQL Utilities. In this week's Ear Candy, we talk about a path problem installing MySQL Utilities on Ubuntu, and At the Movies is a preview of the SkySQL data suite.

Part 1 of MySQL Utilities
Part 3 of MySQL Utilities
Part 4 of MySQL Utilities
Part 5 of MySQL Utilities

DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time

Percona University is coming to Washington, DC on Thursday, September 12th.

OurSQL Episode 143: Biblical Tools

This week we start to discuss the Openark Toolkit. Ear Candy talks about how to estimate the size of MySQL's working set, and At the Movies is a backup presentation from Open Database Camp.

Openark Kit series:
Part 2
Part 3

Openark Kit
Openark Kit

Episode 80, discussing the Percona Toolkit

OpenSQLCamp 2008 Lightning Talks Video

OpenSQL Camp Lightning Talks. Topics include:

MySQL Sandbox - Giuseppe Maxia (MySQL Community Team)

DBMS talk - Dr. Richard Hipp (SQLite creator)

Libraries for testing purposes - lib"mallocfail", lib"eatmydata", etc - Stewart Smith (MySQL)

How to use LVM to take snapshot backups - Baron Schwartz (Percona)

and more....

MySQL 5.0 binaries

NOTE: This page is likely outdated. Updated MySQL 5.0+ software is available at:

This page lists links to MySQL 5.0 binaries. If you have a MySQL binary you would like listed here, please contact -- if you would like, we will also provide free hosting for the binary if you prefer to minimize your bandwidth.

The official MySQL enterprise binaries are only available via a MySQL contract -- see for price, product and service comparisons. All contracts include support.

We believe that MySQL will alternate versions and release numbers (much like the Linux Kernel) odd being community, even being enterprise. Enterprise and Community versions are the same, up to MySQL 5.0.33, the first separate version.

OurSQL Episode 0: MySQL Community Podcast

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