OurSQL Episode 38: Xtrabackup (Backup Series #5)

Previous podcasts in the backup series:
Backup Series #1: Backup Glossary
Backup Series #2: Backup Tools You Already Have (mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump)
Backup Series #3: Looking Through the Lenz (snapshots including LVM)
Backup Series #4: Advanced Logical Export Features (advanced mysqldump)

Special Guest Valentine Gostev, QA engineer at Percona, talks about Percona's Xtrabackup, an open source tool for consistent online physical backup of InnoDB and XtraDB.

OurSQL Episode 37: It's Still Not Our (De)fault! Part 2

This week, Giuseppe Maxia joins us as a special guest and we complete our 2-part series on what we always put in our configuration files, and why.
Part 1 in the series.

strings man page
MySQL manual page about defaults-group-suffix
Giuseppe's article about the hidden options file trick


OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1

Nick Pisarro, aka @highenergybeams, suggested we do a podcast about the MySQL defaults we recommend always having, as MySQL's pre-configured option files are not particularly helpful. So we have put together a 2-part podcast on the options that we change.

About the Configuration File
Location and precedence of configuration files for Windows, Unix and Mac OS X:

Note: We use the term "directive" to refer to the groups of options that begin with [groupname]. Upon reading the manual page again, we realized that the term is actually "option group". (Sheeri takes complete blame for this -- "directive" is actually the term for what !includedir and !include are...)

OurSQL Episode 35: Advanced Logical Export Features (Backup Series #4)

This week, we discuss advanced mysqldump options, ear candy comparing NOW() vs. SYSDATE(), and the Manga Guide to Databases.

Previous podcasts in the series:
Backup Series #1: Backup Glossary
Backup Series #2: Backup Tools You Already Have (mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump)
Backup Series #3: Looking Through the Lenz (snapshots including LVM)

Giuseppe Maxia points out via twitter "The mysqldump option to skip table creation is not '--no-create-table' but '--no-create-info' " -- he's right!

OurSQL Episode 34: Collaborating

We talk about the Collaborate conference, including comparisons to the O'Reilly MySQL conference.

Show notes:
Collaborate - http://collaborate11.ioug.org/
Sunday, April 10th through Thursday, April 14th in Orlando, Florida.
$200 off with code: MYSQ
Pricing can be found at http://collaborate11.ioug.org/Home/Registration/tabid/82/Default.aspx#rates

MySQL Community Dinner East at Maggiano's Little Italy on Sunday, April 10th at 5 pm. RSVP at http://2011mysqlcommunitydinnereast.eventbrite.com/

OurSQL Episode 33: Looking Through the Lenz (Backup Series #3, mylvmbackup)

Previous podcasts in the backup series:
Backup Series #1: Glossary
Backup Series #2: Backup Tools You Already Have (mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump)

Show Notes:

This week we have Lenz Grimmer with us to speak about snapshot backups in general, MySQL backups with snapshots, and mylvmbackup, a script Lenz wrote and maintains to easily take consistent MySQL snapshot backups.

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OurSQL Episode 32: Backup tools you already have [Backup series #2]

This week we continue our series on backup tools, we talk about the backup tools that ship with MySQL.

Show notes:

Previous backup series podcast:
Backup glossary [Backup series #1]

In the backup glossary we asked if anyone knew how to get logical data out of physical InnoDB files. Mike Hamrick of Blue Gecko wrote in to say that Percona's InnoDB recovery tool helps to do just that. He writes:

"The 'page_parser' tool will read ibdata files or individual .ibd files and turn them into a series of 16k page files suitable for processing with a tool called 'constraints_parser' which spits out a number of tab separated lines of table data suitable for a LOAD DATA INFILE.

OurSQL Episode 31: The MySQL Ecosystem

This week, Sarah's off, and Sheeri interviews Brian Aker of Data Differential, mostly about the MySQL Ecosystem.

Among the topics discussed are whether the MySQL Ecosystem has peaked yet, the exciting talks coming up at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference including the state of the community keynote, and when the Drizzle software is going GA.

Some parts of the MySQL Ecosystem that were mentioned:
Percona Server
Percona free InnoDB hot backup tool

OurSQL Episode 30: Backup Glossary (Backup Series #1)

This week, we start a series on backups by talking about backup concepts.

[note: about 11 minutes in, Sarah's audio gets a little noisier, and our audio engineer simply could not get rid of all the noise]

A slave is not a backup, although a slave can be used to get backups more easily.
You don't test backups, you test restores.
logical vs. physical
cold vs. hot vs. warm
consistent vs. inconsistent

strings(1) - Linux man page
"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" - Ralph Waldo Emerson [note: Sheeri misquotes this as "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"]

OurSQL Episode 29: Subpar Subqueries

This week, we discuss how & why to optimize mysql subqueries.

OpenDatabaseCamp, also known as OpenSQLCamp - http://planet.mysql.com/entry/?id=26922 will be held in Sardinia, Italy on May 6-7-8, 2011.
Google Group for OurSQLCamp: http://groups.google.com/group/opensqlcamp

Manual chapter for subqueries in MySQL - http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/subqueries.html

The WorkLog entries for “subquery” http://forge.mysql.com/worklog/search.php?t=tds&k=subquery&v=0&s=0&p=0
All are low/medium priority. out of 29 worklog items, 9 are complete, almost all are scheduled for 6.0. Of the remaining 20, 1 is in progress, 4 are in the in-design stage, another 4 are simply “assigned”, 11 are unassigned. None are on hold or cancelled, so that’s good.