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Google Summer of Code Accepts the Auditing Software Project

It's official!

Sheeri Kritzer of Technocation is officially mentoring 2 students for MySQL, AB for the Google Summer of Code.  The Auditing Software Project initially announced here will happen, thanks to a partnership including Google and MySQL.

Technocation Grants $300 for Free Rides

Technocation is proud to announce its first grant to help further the goals of IT professionals. We have helped Proven Scaling's "Free Ride" to give three people all-expense paid trips to the MySQL conference happening at the end of April. We are proud to have been able to grant Proven Scaling $300 to help, and we hope this is the first of many monetary grants we will give.

Congratulations to the Free Ride winners:
Jan Lehnardt, a student from Münster, Germany; J.R. Bullington, from a non-profit in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA; and Carlos Proal Aguilar, from a non-profit in Puebla, Mexico. For more details on the contest winners, see Proven Scaling's announcement at

2007 Google Summer of Code Ideas

Technocation provides educational resources for IT professionals and aspiring IT professionals.  We also provide software that we and others build.  To that end, Technocation is hoping to participate in the 2007 Google Summer of Code with the following projects:

MySQL Auditing Software
Building on the concept of the "poor man's query profiler" at , this project entails developing a process to listen to network packets to find MySQL packets destined for a server, and keeping a copy of the packet to use in the auditing of what commands are sent to that MySQL server.  This project can accommodate a light or heavy workload, and one or more students.

The separate aspects of the software are:
Network process:  process to intercept network packets on a separate machine (in the same network range) for full access to information being sent to the database without causing any load on the MySQL server or interference with the queries.  This process should also parse the queries and be able to store them in its own database.

Graphs and reports:  This module will show statistics and graphs.  This is obviously a very open-ended part of the project, great for students who are worried about time constraints on their summer.  

Administrative interface:  This will take user input and write to the configuration file that the "network process", described above, will read to determine which queries to keep and which to not worry about.  It will also configure the "graphs and reports" desired by the user.  This may actually be 2 separate interfaces, and therefore can become 2 separate tasks for students.



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