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OurSQL, the MySQL Database Community Podcast, lists events, conferences and training that are relevant to MySQLers around the world. Gerry and Sheeri get the information for events/conferences/training from Planet MySQL and Oracle, SkySQL and Percona websites. Often, webinars are posted to Planet MySQL a week or 2 before they happen, which is not enough lead time for the podcast. We usually record on Tuesdays and publish on Fridays, with the understanding that not everyone listens to the podcast on Friday. So on the podcast, we talk about events that are at least 1 week from publication date. For example, we are recording today (Tue 20 Nov) for a podcast that will be published Friday (23 Nov). We will talk about events, conferences and training that will happen Sunday, December 2nd or later.

OpenSQLCamp is exactly a month away!

Exactly one month from today, OpenSQLCamp Boston 2010 will begin its technical content (we will have a social event on Friday evening, Oct. 15th, starting no earlier than 6 pm). Have you registered yet? It's 100% free! Make sure to get your flight before next week or the costs will go up, as it is generally more expensive to book a flight within 21 days of your trip. Also do not forget to book your hotel, we have a good rate of $149 per night for single or double here for details.

Submit your presentations for Collaborate 2011!

There are approximately 3 weeks left to submit your MySQL DBA-related presentations to Collaborate 2011, held in Orlando, FL April 10-14. Experience has shown that the best presentations are submitted well in advance of the deadline, so now is a great time to submit while you have plenty of time to create a good abstract.

Information and the link to submit abstracts are at I posted a cheat sheet on how to fill out the Call for Presentations for MySQLers a while ago, and as always feel free to ask me any questions.

OpenSQLCamp Boston hotel information

I am very happy to announce that I have secured a great rate at a hotel for OpenSQLCamp (a free weekend conference for open source databases such as MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and NoSQL databases). We have a room block at the Doubletree Club Hotel Boston Bayside at 24 Mt. Vernon Street in Boston at a rate of $149 per night, for single or double occupancy*, for both Friday night, October 15 and Saturday night, October 16. Wireless internet access, which is usually $9.95 per night, is included in the room fee, so there's no hidden extra there. There is also a free shuttle from Boston's Logan Airport to the hotel**. The subway is steps away from both the hotel and the venue (MIT Stata Center on the corner of Main and Vassar Streets in Cambridge). Subway fare is $2.00 each way, so if you stay at the hotel you'd have $8 extra in transportation fee.

You can reserve your room by booking here. You are responsible for paying for your own room. Some more useful information:

Call for presentations for Collaborate 2011 is open!

Collaborate 2011 is a database operational conference to be held in Orlando, Florida April 10th - 14th 2011. Unfortunately, the O'Reilly MySQL Conference has been scheduled for the same week; however, I am working with the conference committee to make sure that speakers that want to attend both are scheduled appropriately (I intend on going to both!). The call for presentations is now open through the end of September, so you have just over a month to submit your proposals. Experience has shown that the best presentations are submitted well in advance of the deadline -- I guess when folks are time-crunched by the deadline they do not make such great abstracts....Speakers whose presentations are accepted receive free admission to the conference and a speaker thank-you gift.

MySQL site down? Can't get MySQL Docs? Technocation has a mirror!

If the MySQL site (including documentation) isn't working for you, try a mirror site.

"But," you ask, "how do I know what the mirror sites are if I can't access the site?"

Great question! Technocation has a mirror site (updated daily) at

Also, we have purchased which points to the official list of mirrors at

Technocation Receives 501(c)3 Designation

Technocation, Inc. received an official determination of 501(c)3 public charity status earlier this year. This is exciting, as it will enable us to take tax-deductible donations of more than $5,000 per year. As well, we have the necessary documentation to receive the benefits of a not-for-profit corporation.

A scan of the 501(c)3 determination letter is available at

Video: A Head in the Cloud -- The Power of Infrastructure as a Service

At the 2008 MySQL Users Conference and Expo, Werner Vogels of delivered a keynote called "A Head in the Cloud -- The Power of Infrastructure as a Service". See all the blog posts others have written about the tutorial from the Forge Wiki at

Video: Awards Presentation at the 2008 MySQL Users Conference and Expo

At the 2008 MySQL Users Conference and Expo, MÃ¥rten Mickos handed out the 2008 awards for Application, Partner and Community Members of the year See all the blog posts others have written about the tutorial from the Forge Wiki at

OurSQL Episode 24: The Sun is Shining

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12:31 minutes (5.74 MB)

Sun Microsystems recently announced the purchase of MySQL. In this interview the day of the announcement, OurSQL asks Brian Aker about what this means for customers, community, Sun and MySQL.

Tell us what you think of Sun buying MySQL by calling the comment line or sending your voice through Odeo!

Register for the MySQL Users Conference Today!

A special thank you to our sponsor, The Pythian Group,



call the comment line at +1 617-674-2369

Google Summer of Code Accepts the Auditing Software Project

It's official! Sheeri Kritzer of Technocation is officially mentoring 2 students for MySQL, AB for the Google Summer of Code.  The Auditing Software Project initially announced here will happen, thanks to a partnership including Google and MySQL.

Technocation Grants $300 for Free Rides

Technocation is proud to announce its first grant to help further the goals of IT professionals. We have helped Proven Scaling's "Free Ride" to give three people all-expense paid trips to the MySQL conference happening at the end of April. We are proud to have been able to grant Proven Scaling $300 to help, and we hope this is the first of many monetary grants we will give.

Congratulations to the Free Ride winners: Jan Lehnardt, a student from Münster, Germany; J.R. Bullington, from a non-profit in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA; and Carlos Proal Aguilar, from a non-profit in Puebla, Mexico. For more details on the contest winners, see Proven Scaling's announcement at

2007 Google Summer of Code Ideas

Technocation provides educational resources for IT professionals and aspiring IT professionals.  We also provide software that we and others build.  To that end, Technocation is hoping to participate in the 2007 Google Summer of Code with the following projects:  

MySQL Auditing Software Building on the concept of the "poor man's query profiler" at , this project entails developing a process to listen to network packets to find MySQL packets destined for a server, and keeping a copy of the packet to use in the auditing of what commands are sent to that MySQL server.  This project can accommodate a light or heavy workload, and one or more students.

  The separate aspects of the software are: Network process:  process to intercept network packets on a separate machine (in the same network range) for full access to information being sent to the database without causing any load on the MySQL server or interference with the queries.  This process should also parse the queries and be able to store them in its own database.

  Graphs and reports:  This module will show statistics and graphs.  This is obviously a very open-ended part of the project, great for students who are worried about time constraints on their summer.  

  Administrative interface:  This will take user input and write to the configuration file that the "network process", described above, will read to determine which queries to keep and which to not worry about.  It will also configure the "graphs and reports" desired by the user.  This may actually be 2 separate interfaces, and therefore can become 2 separate tasks for students.  


Welcome to Technocation!
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